SpaceTimeAI 2020 Postponed

Due to the current status of the coronavirus outbreak in the UK, the SpaceTimeAI 2020 organisers have decided to postpone the conference until the autumn. Based on the current number of UK cases and the observed spread in other countries, it seems likely that the conference dates will coincide with the peak of the outbreak in the UK. Therefore, we feel rescheduling is the only responsible decision.

We are sorry for the inconvenience that the postponement may cause you. However, we feel that it is the fairest decision for all as it is likely that many of us will have our work and travel plans disrupted in the coming weeks and months. UCL are currently preparing staff for the possibility of extended periods of home working, which we are sure is the case across other HEIs and offices in the UK and worldwide.

What happens next?

We will find appropriate dates and rebook venues and make a further announcement in due coure. In the meantime, we will continue to plan the conference programme based on the submissions we have received.

What happens to my registration fee?

If you have already registered for the conference you are entitled to a full refund. If you plan to attend at the rescheduled date then you may choose not to request a refund at this stage. If you are subsequently unable to attend on the rearranged dates then you can claim your refund at a later date. We will reintroduce early bird rates in line with the current dates (i.e. approximately 6 weeks before the conference).

If you would like a refund, please email your application to

Can I withdraw my submission?

Yes, you are free to withdraw your submission if you do not plan to attend on the rearranged dates. Email us your withdrawal request at , specifying your paper's number and title.

I have applied for a bursary. Will these still be available?

We will allocate bursaries as previously indicated. If you have applied for a bursary you will receive a decision by early next week. We apologise for the disruption and we hope to see you in London in the Autumn.

The SpaceTimeAI 2020 Organizing Committee,

James Haworth